Why Rely -10 out of 11!

Why Rely-On-Us … with over 25 years’ experience as specialists in our trade, we have sought to create a unique, cost effective, first class, premier executive chauffeured ground transport services 24/7 hours a day. Rely limo is a One-Stop-Shop transportation specialist company based in Los Angeles; we will strategically plan every conceivable detail of your trip with carefully-selected, dedicated affiliated partners, nationally and internationally, serving over hundreds of cities worldwide.  We have a data base of hundreds of fleet vehicles to select from, Sedans, SUV’s, Limo’s and a large selection of people carriers, we can accommodate any of your specific corporate or private needs. After all these years we are still earning your business and catering to your individual needs with uncompromising excellence in service. When you need excellent service and it’s a tough choice between our competitors please compare these “Top 10 Questions” you may want to ask your current livery service and “11 Questions” we always can answer YES

1) Does the owner personally review your service?
2) Have they a dedicated “Worldwide Affiliate Network”?
3) Do they have a live “Service Crew” 24/7 365 days?
4) Can they service your needs Locally- Nationally-Worldwide?
5) Do they 100% unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction?
6) Are their chauffeurs committed to your comfort and safety?
7) Are the vehicles always neat, clean safe and comfortable?
8) Are they technically advanced to handle your travel challenges?
9) Are they adequately insured?
10) Are they competitively priced?

Do they really care? We do at Rely Limo and want to earn more than “10/10” hence we want to earn a “11/11”… We guarantee a 100% performance satisfaction and have a suggestion let the Rely Limo service team prove it by filling your next travel plan. We can be reached at reservation@relylimo.com or call our 1-800-760-3555.


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