Segmenting Prices Can Add Big Value To Your Service


Excerpt from article posted on January 2, 2014 by Sara Eastwood-McLean in Limousine, Charter & Tour – Pricing should be based on supply and demand and works best when you really understand the demand piece of the equation. What a mid-level business traveler values may not be the same as the CEO when using your service.

Response by John Litchfield, President of Rely Limo

Where have you all been for the last 15 years?  Business Class, Upper Class, Green Class. This is all on our website We actually  got sued by Virgin Atlantic for using Upper Class. Imagine David and Goliath – and David won!
It’s not about markup. We’ve always priced on G/M%. We live & breath it. Discounting is good but doesn’t work permanently,

Before you discount, you must know your G/P $$. We only discount our high regular rates, not our customized rates.

Obtaining needs wants and desire of a client requires consultative selling techniques. In fact, this is how you build your companies features & benefits within your corporation and develop your own segments designed by the voice of your client. Uber has done the industry a favor. We are no longer a cottage industry, although the smoke still needs time to clear. We don’t indulge in surge pricing for many good reasons

Happy New Year Sara, a nicely written article. Thank you
PS: We love our affiliates Discount are available just let us know what part of our service you don’t want ! LOL